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Animoji is the newest messaging feature which was introduced by the Apple Company. With this new technology, you can share your messages through a 3D animation. This cool animation will take only 30 seconds. You can create Animoji message through the true depth camera of your iPhone X and late. If you want to add sounds to this Animoji you can record the voice while creating the Animoji. There 20 different choices which you can choose according to any mood or situation and every character is totally different t from each other. The Apple Company introduced this awesome technology with the iOS 11 and there were only 12 Animoji faces. But it is growing and updating. So you have 20 different Animoji faces by now. They can be listed as follows.


The first Animoji characters are as follows. These faces were invented with the iOS 11 update and iPhone X. But you can use these will all the next updates too.

  1. Alien
  2. Cat
  3. Panda
  4. Chicken
  5. Dog
  6. Unicorn
  7. Fox
  8. Monkey
  9. Pig
  10. Poop
  11. Rabbit
  12. Robot

Following Animoji characters came with the update of iOS 11.3

  1. Bear
  2. Dragon
  3. Lion
  4. Skull

You can see the latest Animoji update with iOS 12 and following are the new members of the Animoji.

  1. Koala
  2. Tiger
  3. Ghost
  4. T-Rex

Furthermore, the latest Animoji update introduces you the Memoji feature. This can be known as the best feature of Animoji. With Memoji you can create your own Animoji face and add it to the existing Animoji list. Memoji is the way to expand the customization ability of the Animoji.

How does Animoji work?

Animoji is a communication tool which you can use in mobile chats. To use this feature, you have to open a new conversation or existing one in your iMessage app. There you can find the Animoji feature and the list of the Animoji faces at the bottom menu. You can choose any Animoji character or a Memoji from the list suitable for your mood and the type of message. Because different Animojis have different characteristics. On the other hand, you can create Memojis according to your need. After choosing a character, the true depth camera will start to read your facial movements with the help of depth sensing technology and create the Animoji by analyzing your facial expressions. While recording the message, the mouth of the Animoji character also get animated to create a better-customized message for you. You can talk while recording the message and create a ‘Talking Animoji’. In this way, you can enjoy chatting with your friends. Because creating an Animoji is very interesting like playing a game. This new feature gives you the ability to avoid long written messages and make your chats funny and interesting.

Creating Memoji on Animoji App

Memoji can do many things than Animoji. So you can create more unique animated messages and short videos to share with your family and friends. The specialty of the Memoji is you can, you can build any number of Animoji faces changing the appearance. You can change the skin, hair, eyes, ears, nose, and shape of the face, eyebrows, facial hair, age, and even the colors of each and every feature. Also, you can dress your Memoji with earrings, eyewear, and headwear. It is amazing and you can create your mirror face. Not only your face, but you can also create any human face you like. For an example, you could create Memojis of your family, friends or any other person like your favorite celebrity. In this way, you can perfectly customize your messages with your animated face.  Most importantly you can add these created Memoji to the existing Animoji list to use again. You can also use Memojis in the video chats. Memoji has more advantages over the Animoji. It can be identified as the next generation of Animoji. Creating a Memoji is very interesting and an easy thing. The Memoji creating process can be listed as follows.

  • Open up the iMessage app.
  • Choose a conversation or open a new conversation.
  • Find the Animoji feature in the iMessage app.
  • Scroll all the way to the right until you see the “+” button and tap it.
  • Then you can select the features for your Memoji and customize it.
  • Click “done” and save the Memoji to the Animoji list
  • After creating a Memoji, you can share it with your friends.
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