Apple manufacture introduced many advanced features for Apple devices to maintain the safety and privacy of Apple customers. Among them, iCloud activation lock stands as the first and it has been a dominant feature of all the Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watches, etc. However, recently, many Apple users started to have second thoughts about this iCloud lock because in some instances they could not find a way on how to unlock it by themselves. So, today we are going to write this article on iCloud Bypass which will show your way on how to unlock your iCloud locked Apple device!

What is iCloud and iCloud Bypass?

Usually, to unlock iCloud lock you need to provide Apple Id and password of your iCloud each time you get into the device. However, this iCloud account has to be set when you set settings for your Apple device for the first time and that account is directly linked with the iCloud activation lock. That is why you need to provide previously mentioned facts of your registered iCloud account and if you don’t know those details, you will be unable to log into your device.

This will indeed protect your device from unknown people using it and even your device got lost, nobody will be able to get access to the data on it because of this iCloud lock. Not oy that, through iCloud, you will be able to track down the location of your device during an occasion where you lost your device or when someone has stolen your device.

No matter how much this iCloud lock is useful, still it has one major drawback. That is, Apple has become unsuccessful in providing a solution when the Apple device owner cannot unlock the iCloud on his or her own. Therefore, what is mean by iCloud Bypass is to remove your iCloud account when you cannot unlock the device by yourself!

How to do iCloud Bypass?

The moment you identify that your iCloud lock cannot be unlocked, your next question will be how to Bypass it, right?

If you have found a locked iCloud on a second-hand device that you purchased, rather than going for an iCloud Bypass, it would be better to ask the previous owner to remove his or her iCloud from the device.

Yet, sometimes it may not become practical and if you forgot Apple Id and password of your device, definitely you will have to go for the iCloud Bypass tool. Especially because, not even by jailbreaking this iCloud lock can be removed and the only possible way is to perform an iCloud Bypass.

Do not worry! Here we will provide you some of the popular and reliable iCloud Bypassing tools!

  • Lock Viper-This is an offline iCloud Bypassing tool and you need to download this and install it into your device. It also offers you a free trial before you buy it and there you can decide whether you need to do an iCloud Bypass from it or not.
  • Doulci iCloud Unlock- This is a free iCloud bypassing service. To use this also you need to download and install it.
  • The Official iCloud Removal Service-This is an online iCloud Bypassing method where you need yo supply only the IMEI of your device.
  • DNS method- This method is one of the old methods that can be used to bypass your Apple phone. However, it’s a little bit complicated and many people have ceased using it nowadays.

So, this is all about iCloud Bypass and I hope you will have a safe iCloud Bypass!

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