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iTools is an application developed for the use of iOS devices which are required to be managed remotely using PCs. iTools Download is possible through the official website of the developers. Developers of the iTools application are Think Sky Technologies. They developed the first version of iTools in around 2011, whereby there have been many different upgrades to the application such as iTools 2, iTools 3 and the most recent iTools 4. iTools Download through the developer provides this latest version of iTools. Even in iTools 4, there have been certain upgrades to fix bugs in the earlier versions and to improve the performance. Therefore, the most recent version available for iTools Download is iTools iTools Download is not completely free because you have to activate the product by purchasing the two license keys of the application. Once activated, it is a freeware and you do not need to pay any fee annually for upgrading or for technical help. Further, iTools Download is available for free as cracked versions. These cracked versions of iTools Download are available by many providers, which is not ethical and clearly violating the copyrights of the developer of the application.


iTools Download

iTools Download

What is iTools?

iTools is a device management application designed for the management of iOS mobile devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads. iOS devices are essentially controlled by a device manager known as the iTunes. iTunes is owned by the Apple Inc. They have created the iTunes with the main intention of performing as a media store. Therefore, it is more efficient as a media store than as a device manager. iTunes device manager is more suitable for a set of advanced users due to its advanced user interface and the instructions. Therefore, most of the device users are looking for an alternative for the iTunes. The best solution yet available is iTools.

iTools was designed as an alternative to the iTunes. iTools has a very simple interface and has a set of very unique features to match the requirements of the iOS device users. All the features given by the iTunes except the media store are provided by the iTools as well. Other than some are unique to iTools.

iTools Compatibility

iTools is available in two different versions. They are,

  • iTools for Windows and
  • iTools for Mac.

Therefore, it is compatible with these two operating systems. All the recent versions of these two operating systems are compatible with the latest version of the iTools application. iTools is a very important application for the management of the iOS devices with your PC.

iOS devices that are compatible with the iTools 4 include almost all the iOS devices with iOS version 06 up to the latest iOS 12 Therefore, even the latest version of iPhone, iPhone X can be used with the iTools latest version.

With the iTools Download, you get features like device optimization, battery management, Data, and application management, Backup and restore of data, file conversions, and many more impressive features.

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