Thousand pictures or images are transferred and used by thousands of people in the world. Pictures play a major role in the modern world and when it comes online, the pictures are worth enough to make you earn money. So, even though normal Facebook or social media users might not think about the formats of a picture, there are people who concern very about pictures. So, each such person would love to get a high-quality picture and for that, we have brought you an amazing image format and that is WebP Format!

WebP format

What is unique in WebP format?

When people are looking for an image format, normally the two main concern areas of them are the quality of the images and the size of the images.

If you search the web, you can find different standards image formats that can give you high-quality images and small-sized images. For example, PNG, JPG, GIF can be shown as a few such widely used image formats. However, each such image format has few drawbacks and to overcome them, Google Inc developed a new image format lately. They released this newly developed WebP image format into the web in 2010.

One of the major reasons for Google to develop this WebP image format is to implement a smaller sized image. Even though PNG and JPG image also can create smaller sized images, WebP can create images which are 26% smaller than PNG and JPG.

Usually, to create smaller sized images, image formats use lossy compression technology. However, many web developers believe that if you use lossy compression and reduce the image size, the quality will also get reduced parallel to that. So, this is what happened in most of the other image formats like JPG, PNG as due to the lossy compression that they use to make the images smaller, their final output will also be a less quality one.

Yet, when it comes to WebP, true that they also use lossy compression to smaller the image sizes. Yet, on the other hand, they also use lossless compression to avoid images getting a lack of quality. So, the final output created will be both in the smaller sized high-quality form!

Apart from the above facts, if you are doing animation related work, you will realize that PNG andJPG or GIF do not have that much ability to create successful animations. So, WebP Format will be the best image format to do animations.

How to get WebP to form images?

Even though WebP form is an image format that was developed and released quite recent, many web developers love to use WebP form for their works.

So, if you are interested to know about how to convert your images into WebP form, here are few such ways!


This is an online image converting tool. You can upload any kind of image file into Convertio and convert them into WebP form so that they can directly save the converted image into your device.

WebP Photoshop

AnĀ additional plugin that you can use for Adobe photoshop. As a web developer, I’m sure everyone uses Adobe Photoshop for their works and via it, you can convert images into WebP form. To do that, you need to get this plugin.

This is all about WebP form! Share this among your friends as well!

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