You might have stored many important data on your mobile devices, do not you? However, your precious data can be lost due to many reasons. Therefore, there are some instances where you might delete your own data mistakenly, experience system crashes and lose your data. You might want to get them back and also, there may be instances where you will need to have the assistance of a third party software to fulfill different needs of your device. So, here is a solution for you; Dr Fone has the ability to manage everything on your device.

What is dr fone

Dr Fone Introduction

To say simply and in brief, Dr Fone can be named as a toolkit that is available on the web. However, if you want to know about Dr Fone more descriptively, it can be presented as an advanced toolkit which includes a data recovering tool and many other tools that are created by the Wondershare software group.

Some people have misinterpreted that Dr Fone is only an advanced data recovering tool because it was the world’s first ever data recovering software. True, Dr Fone data recovery is the first and the best data recovery tool in the world yet it is not the only tool of Dr Fone. Therefore, data recovery is just one of the tools of this amazing toolkit and do not misidentify that.

Thus, Dr Fone functions as a multipurpose toolkit for different kinds of mobile users where they can fulfill almost all the mobile requirements just from one toolkit.

Devices compatible with Dr Fone

At first, Dr Fone toolkit was introduced to iOS devices only. Yet, with the time, Dr Fone created a different set of the toolkit for Android, Windows, Mac and etc.

Therefore, currently, Dr Fone is compatible with all the iOS devices, Windows devices, Android devices or Mac. Also, it can support to operating systems such as Windows 10, 8.1,8,7, Vista, Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.8,10.9 and iOS 9 and etc.

Want to know how to work with Dr Fone?

If you want to have this amazing toolkit, it is very simple.

First, you should visit the official Wondershare Dr Fone website and download the Dr Fone toolkit which matches with your device. Then after installing it to your device, you can download tools you want to get the services of.

For example, if you want to root your Android device, you can download Dr Fone for Android toolkit and get the tool called “Root” installed on Dr Fone toolkit.

Then, after the installation of the tools that you want, you can connect your mobile device to a computer via a USB cable and then get the services of Dr Fone as you wish!

What more is there?

Improves the performance of your device

Dr Fone can improve the performance of your device by cleaning up the unnecessary files manually. So, even if you do not have time to do a cleanup, you can schedule a clean up manually at your convenient time.

Can perform multiple tasks

As mentioned earlier, Dr Fone can perform multiple tasks via the different tools consist of its toolkit. So, on Android devices, it can be used to unlock the lock screen, recover the deleted data, root them, transfer files between devices and etc. On iOS devices, Dr Fone can perform minor repairs of your device, recover the data, remove data permanently from your device and etc.

Safety and money back guarantee

Dr Fone ensures the safety of your device as well as that no data loss or leakage will occur. Similarly, it offers you a money back trial period so that even if you changed your mind after paying money, you can get your money back within 7 days of the purchase.

So, why still hesitating? Get this amazing multifunctional Dr Fone and enjoy it!

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